Winter Programme 2018 - 2019
we meet at St Chad's church hall, Shrewsbury usually on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.

SOGs Winter Programme - Nov 2018 to April 2019
Our speaker for March was Michael Carding, a volunteer for the
Shrewsbury Food Hub.
Keep following the website for the Spring Newsletter out next month.
He wrote this wonderful poem which sums it all up.
First light of every morning we're at the back door
Of food stores, like Oliver asking for more:
Oranges, carrots, bananas and bread
Day to day miracles, thousands are fed.
Hospice to playgroup, the Ark and youth club,
Uniting food surplus with need through the hub;
Best By date gone but still in good taste
                             like this last line of verse,
                             too precious to waste!

November 7th -
The Seed Sovereignty Programme of the UK and Ireland.
Speaker Neil Munro, Programme Manager . The aim of the SSP is to support the development of a biodiverse and ecologically sustainable seed system in the UK and Ireland. It is supporting small scale growers by developing a resilient agro-ecological seed system with regional diversity at its heart.

December 5th -
Christmas Bring & Share Meal.
Venue Wattlesborough Village Hall, NOT St Chad’s. Wattlesborough is on the A458 Welshpool Road, near Halfway House. The hall is on the right hand side of the main road when coming from Shrewsbury. The main purpose of having the Bring & Share at this venue is to check it out and “test” the kitchen ahead of next years Potato Day which is being held at this venue for the first time.

December 11th
St Chad's Christmas Tree event. Setting up.

January 2nd -
Fair Trade.
Speaker Meriel Chippindale.
Meriel and her husband have a passion for Fairtrade. With the help of others this has led to Shrewsbury becoming a Fair Trade town and now a Fair Trade stall in the market hall.
The Fairtrade movement and sustainability have always been linked. The standards required for Fairtrade certification include good environmental practice and an increasing number of Fairtrade producers are also certified organic.
Meriel will be inspiring us with some of their stories.

February 6th -
Self Sufficiency in 2019 -
A Good Life Update. Speaker Sam Davies. Vegetarians Sam and Kate Davies have not bought their vegetables for over ten years. On their two acre smallholding they also produce their own milk and cheese, honey, eggs, solar electricity and wine. Their talk will discuss how and what to grow to sustain yourself all year round and theirefforts to live a more healthy and sustainable life.

February 9th
Potato Day at Wattlesborough Village Hall.  See above for directions.

March 6th -
Shrewsbury Food Hub.     Speaker Emma Bullard.
Emma will talk about how surplus food is donated and collected from local supermarkets at the crack of dawn and distributed to charities, community groups and other organisations by a team of volunteers (including SOGs members Judy and Ian).

April 3rd - AGM plus 'Speed Gardening'. If you don't know what that is, make sure you come along to find out!

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