If you drive past the Ditherington Flaxmill-Maltings, on the Whitchurch Road, not far from the centre of Shrewsbury,  you will see a field of flax.  (Pictures updated Feb 1st. see bottom of page)
 A gaggle of us had great fun painting a board for the hoardings, and, should you be walking past, you will notice that no pesticides were used, as bugs and beasties abound!
SOGS provided the seed funds ( literally) for the Flax to Fabric project run by Maralyn Hepworth, so many of us have grown flax, some of which is now being woven into a tapestry for the flaxmill, so flax is close to our hearts!  
And the Flaxmill is progressing  fast in its bid for renovation, and celebrating its past heritage.


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