Buses from Oswestry to Shrewsbury stop on the A5  near to the venue.

Apart from providing a lot of your favourite varieties every year we try to make Potato Day a bit different. For this year we decided that to brighten a winter day in February it would be good to add some colour.

SO:- we have sourced a few coloured varieties, including ones that keep their colour when cooked. The rest will be up to your imagination but you could create some "fun" meals with say red, white and blue mash for the kids with more subtle use for meals for you and your guests.--- so give them a go and be different !!!!

Click here to go to Potato Day page with a downloadable list

Apley Walled Garden, June 2014
This is the enormous task facing this restoration project. June 2014
Potato Day 2014  Happy 10th Birthday and what a wonderful time was had by all.  Sogs members, the buyers and contributors. 
Thank you all. 

Above- Brighter Blooms with seeds, fruit trees, onion sets and so much more
Right-Filling the bags with lots of lovely tubers
Below- Serving refreshments

Above right- The sale in full swing
Below- Choosing the right variety
Below right - Please pay here

Above - Visitors enjoying a welcome cup of tea
Right - Raffle for a fresh vegetable hamper
Below- Varieties in trays in alphabetical order

Right - The tea ladies
Below - Choosing the best

Below right - Potato Game
See you all next year at Montford Village Hall
BBC Radio 4 Gardener's Question Time came to Shrewsbury
SOGS  hosted an edition of Gardeners' Question Time in November and the panel consisted of 
Chairman Peter Gibbs, Bob Flowerdew, Anne Swithinbank and Chris Beardshaw.

Two programmes were recorded.  The first was broadcast on November 22nd and the second will be broadcast on January 3rd 2014.  Listen on Radio 4 iplayer.


We are a group of enthusiastic organic gardeners and small holders who meet once a month for talks, visits and outings. We are affiliated to Garden Organic.

Between November and April we meet at St Chad's Church Hall, Town Walls, Shrewsbury 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month, for a talk related to organic gardening, followed by tea and biscuits. In the Summer months (it lasts from May to October in Shropshire - honest!) we go usually on a Sunday to members gardens and small holdings.

We have a coach outing usually to somewhere of importance.  In  2014 we went to Arley Arboretum.  The coach fare is paid for by the group as a thankyou to the hard working members.

The group has a library of organic gardening related books for members to borrow.

Find us on twitter @ShropsG

Question Time Panel with Peter Anderson
Members wait to ask their questions

The group also has a stall at the Shrewsbury Flower Show, where you can come along and learn about organic  gardening and meet existing members.

Membership is £8.00 single or £10.00 couple per year. Visitors are very welcome to come to an individual meeting at £1.00.

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