Price per Tuber 20p

SOGs Potato Click and Collect Day on 6th February turned out to be a roaring success. We had to move from Wattlesborough Village Hall and did all the picking, packing and collecting from Hindford Grange Farm nr Whittington.

However, potato sales don’t stop there. We are carrying on selling potatoes throughout February and March, so if you missed out on the day, check out the varieties we have left and complete the order form.

Click on the menu or here for the page, 'Potato Day Ordering 2021' for order forms

If you are new to potato growing, buying from SOGs is an ideal way to start.  We sell by the tuber so you can experiment with a small number of different varieties.  If you only have a small garden, fear not, they are ideal for growing in large tubs, grow-bags and even old compost bags (make sure you create drainage holes with a fork).  It’s a great way to be growing some food.  Small tubers can be planted at 5 per tub, whilst larger tubers, 3 per tub.


Planting & Harvesting

First & Second Earlies - Plant March - April Harvest June - August

Early Maincrop and Maincrop - Plant April - May, Harvest August - September


Fruit Bushes, Onion Sets, Seeds

Brighter Blooms, our potato suppliers are still taking on-line orders for their usual fruit bushes, onion sets and seeds.

Please use this link directly for Brighter Blooms items.  https://www.growvegandfruit.co.uk/



How It Works

Ordering your seed potatoes will be done by using an order form on this site.  Price per tuber is 20p. 

Please ensure you provide contact details (phone and/or email) when you order. Keep checking back on here for updates as we are working as hard as we can to comply with the restrictions we are all facing at this time.

We will continue taking orders for the seed potatoes through February and March and will arrange collection times and points around the county.  Please ensure we have your contact details.


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