SOGS Potato Day

6th February, 2010, Nesscliffe Village Hall, 10.00 till 3.00. lunches, teas, cakes, advice, seeds, compost, sacks, free entry, 15p per tuber.  Tel: 01939 260935


ACCENT  First early, organic, common scab resistant

ACCORD  Early, waxy, short term storage, good for potato wedges.

ALTESSE  Second early, organic, salad

AMBO  EarlyMain, organic, general purpose red

AMOROSA  Early, salad, organic

ANAIS  Early, waxy, organic

ANOE-CLARE organic

ANYA  Second early, nutty knobbly salad

ARRAN PILOT early, favourite, white flesh, firm waxy texture

ARRAN VICTORY   late main, organic, blue/purple skin, white floury flesh

BELLE DE FONTENAY  early main, old French variety, good flavour improves with storage

BINTJE  second early, organic, chips


BONNIE DUNDEE  first early, red, common scab resistant

BRITISH QUEEN  second early, organic, dry floury texture, productive

CARA late main, red eyed, high yield, disease resistant, mild flavour

CHARLOTTE  organic, second early, waxy salad, first class flavour

COLLEEN  organic, first early, waxy, reasonable blight resistance

COSMOS,  organic, second early, large yields of big tubers, some blight resistance

DESIREE  organic, main, the world’s most popular red, vigorous, fairly waxy, strong flavour

EDZELL BLUE  second early, blue skin, white flesh, very dry and tasty

EPICURE  first early, creamy white flesh, best for frost recovery

JULIETTE  main, heavy cropper, waxy, good flavour, scab resistant

LADY BALFOUR  organic, main crop, bred for organic growing, huge yields, disease resistant

LADY CHRISTL  first early, lots of early firm waxy pale yellow tubers, disease resistant


MADELEINE  organic

MARFONA  second early, high yielding, waxy baker, large tubers, stores well

MARIS BARD  organic, first early, high yield, good cooking

MARKIES  organic, main, chips

MAYAN TWILIGHT  main, salad, unusual coloured red and white skin

MILVA  organic, main, disease resistant, good flavour, waxy yellow flesh

NADINE  second early, disease resistant, good yield, waxy, good boiler, shows well

NICOLA  organic, main, waxy, salad boiling potato

ORLA  organic, first early, some blight resistance, high yield, scab resistant

PICASSO  main crop, large tubers, red-eyed, big yields, good keeper, mild taste

PINK FIR APPLE  organic, main crop, salad, good flavour, knobbly

PREMIERE organic, first early, disease resistance, good flavour, dry yellow flesh

RATTE  early maincrop, salad, good flavour, similar to pink fir but less knobbly

RED DUKE OF YORK  first early, vigorous plant, wonderful flavour, dry

REMARKA  organic,  main, disease resistance, good cooker, good flavour, few but large tubers

ROMANO  organic, main, slug resistance, bred from Desiree, less prone to scab

ROOSTER  main, floury and tasty, good for mashing, steaming, roasting , chipping and crisping

SANTE  organic, main, disease resistance,  good for organic growing

SETANTA  organic, main, red, floury, blight resistant

SHARPE’S EXPRESS  first early, a classic, high dry matter, good flavour, cooks well

VALES EMERALD  first early, waxy


VALOR  organic, main, disease resistant, mild flavour

VIVALDI  second early,

WILJA   second early, high yields, good boiling,

YUKON GOLD  second early, yellow, baking and frying, buttery flavour


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