Chairman’s Report March 2018.

 What can I say that has not already been said?  That is a rhetorical question because I intend to say it anyway.  Sogs is the greatest!  For evidence of this apparent hubris we need look no further than Potato Day.  Every year we ask ourselves “How can we make potato day better when it is already perfect?”  Yet every year we come up with ideas and improve upon the perfect.  (Note to self, discuss, at the next Sogs meeting, the nature of perfection.)

 What actually makes Potato Day great is the enthusiasm of Sogs members.  Every one of our adoring public whom we interrogate tells us that what is special about the day is the atmosphere; and we don’t even have to threaten to put a potato up their exhaust pipe to get this praise. It is easy to create this atmosphere: all you need is a big group of the friendliest, most enthusiastic, most hardworkingest, most committed, most inclined to volunteer people; add 14 years of experience, humour the chairman to make him feel useful but don’t let him get in the way and there you have it; anyone could do it...or not, as Gerol Jalving* is discovering.

 We are still the original and best Potato Day in Shropshire/UK/The World!  Well done every one.

 Siobhan is working her usual magic with the summer programme but here are some extra dates, which are what you might call ‘optional’.  (Note to self for next meeting, also discuss my meaning of ‘optional’.)

 13th May, Moat Project, grow some plants to sell to raise funds for this essential charity and it makes a great day out, see above for friendliest, most enthusiasticest, etc.

 13th May (yes there is a clash, but we can do both). Grow Local, Greenwood Trust, Coalbrookdale.

 17th May ‘Spring into the Garden’ Pontesbury garden club, evening event.  This is a chance to meet more enthusiasts, and possible new Sogs members.

 26 May ‘Sing for Africa’ The Square, Shrewsbury from 10 till 4; A Self Help Africa event.

 22 July Sogs at Cruck House, this is intended to be an activity day/preparing the Flower Show day/new members day/bring and share lunch day/cook a pizza day/chill out but in an intense productive kind of way day.

 29th July Plant Hunters’ Fair at The Ironworks.  We found lots of interest here last year.

 All this plus interesting visits, and all for a membership fee of £8!  It doesn’t get much better; but it can be harder to maintain perfection than it is to attain it in the first place - discuss.

*Gerol Jalving: "usurper and potato day rival"!


See below for some more details of these activities.

From Carol:

Sunday May 13th Plant Sale at The Albrighton Trust, Moat & Gardens WV7 3FL - wanted lots of plants: flowers, brassicas, tomatoes, herbs and cuttings. Also volunteers to help at the stall.

As in previous years, Carol will collect plants if required, otherwise bring them along when you come to volunteer for a chilled out day.

Phone: 01902 373905    Mobile: 0771 727 3516

 From Louise: Greenwood Trust, Coalbrookdale, 13th May.

We're organising the Grow Local event for this year.  It runs from 11am-3pm.  It’s a great community day.  We would love SOGs to have a stall if possible - various members have done this in the past.  Unfortunately it does clash with the Albrighton event this year, but any presence in Coalbrookdale would be welcome.

 We're also looking for spare plants, seeds, and gardening books!