Pleas note this is 2014 list for comparison purposes.
* denotes organically grown                                                                         see bottom of page for 'blight resistant Sarpo varieties.

*Accent- First Early, Boil, chips, mash or roast - heavy yields

Arran Pilot – First early, boil, salad, white, very early traditional, great flavour            list correction.  No Osprey.  International Kidney Added

*Bambino-Early Main, Salad, superb taste, good blight resistance

Belle de Fontenay- Second Early, Salad flavour improves with storage

Blue Belle –Early Main, boil, mash, roast, chips, cream, violet eyes

Blue Kestrel- Second Early, Mash, roast, bake.  High resistance to blackleg

*Cara – Main, boil, mash, bake, roast, white, red eyes, high yielding, disease resistant, stores well

*Charlotte – Salad, boil, mash, roast, pale yellow, first class flavour

*Colleen-First Early, General purpose, good overall disease resistance

*Cosmos- Main, Baking, chips, blight and scab resistance

*Desiree – Main, boil, mash, bake, roast, chips, red, high yielding, drought resistant

Duke of York – First early, boil, salad, roast, chips, pale yellow, initially waxy becoming floury later

Estima – Second early, boil, salad, mash, bake, yellow, big yields, large tubers

Foremost – First early boil, salad, white, large tubers, excellent flavour

*Golden Wonder-Main, mash, roast, fry, slug resistant

International Kidney-Second Early, waxy salad heritage variety.

Kerrs Pink – Main, boil, mash, bake, roast, chips, pink, best eaten with haggis

*Kestrel – Second early boil, salad, mash, roast, chips, white, blue, good slug resistance

King Edward – Main, boil, mash, bake, roast, chips, white, red eyes, high yields,

*Lady Balfour – Main, boil, mash, bake, roast, chips, red/white, high yields for organic production

Lady Christl-First Early, general purpose, scab and eel worm resistance

Majestic – Main, boil, mash, bake, roast, white, drought resistant, can thrive in any soil

*Marfona –Second early, boil, mash, bake, yellow, large tubers, stores well

*Maris Peer – Second early, boil, salad, mash, roast white, good patio potato

Maxine-Main, general purpose, all round disease resistance

*Milva-Early Main, general purpose, very good flavour, blight resistance

Nadine – Second early, boil, mash, bake, white/cream, big crops, stores well, eelworm resistant

*Nicola – Salad, boil, yellow, resistant to eelworm R01

*Novello-First Early, boil, salad, eat soon after harvest, good disease resistance

Orla-Second Early, boil, chips, salad, very good blight resistance

Pentland Hawk – Main, boil, mash, white, drought resistant, disease resistant

Pentland Javelin-First Early, salad, good flavour, disease resistance

Pink Fir Apple – Salad, boil, pink, best cooked in skin

Ratte-Main, salad, chestnut flavour, blight resistance

*Record-Main, all rounder, resistant to scab, slugs

*Red Duke of York – First early, boil, salad, mash, roast, deep red, floury

Riviera-First Early, salad and early baker, good resistance

*Robinta-Main, boil, salad, heavy cropper, resistant to blight and scab

*Rudolph-Main, good all rounder, great taste, eelworm resistant

*Sante – Main, boil, mash, bake, roast, chips, yellow, disease resistant, eelworm resistant R01

Saxon-Second Early, bake, boil, chip, heavy yield, good resistance

Swift – First early, boil, salad, cream, earliest early, 60 days under polythene

Valor –Main, boil, mash, bake, white, high yield, drought resistant, blight resistant

Winston – First early, boil, salad, cream, large tubers, drought resistant, golden eelworm resistant

Sarpo collection – Blight resistant varieties - 20p tuber
Axona, Mira, Kifli. Blue Danube, Shona and Una.
"The first two are highly blight resistant and the others have useful characteristics.
We will be providing detailed information about these so people can choose what suits them."

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