Ambo – Organic, early main, parti-red skin, cream flesh, disease resistant
Amorosa – Organic, red, high yield, some disease resistance
Arran Pilot – Early, favourite, white flesh, firm waxy texture
Arran Victory – Organic, main, good to boil, some blight resistance, good yield
Bambino – Organic, salad, superb taste, round white tubers, good blight resistance
Beauty of Bute – 2nd early, high yielding, part coloured, disease resistant
BF 15 – Organic, 1st early, salad, white, tasty, good yield, disease resistance
Bintje – Organic, 2nd early, yellow flesh, good taste, roast or fry
Blue Belle – main, coloured eyes, resistant to splitting and virus Y.
Cara - Organic, late main, red-eyed, high yield, disease resistant, mild flavour
Charlotte – Organic, 2nd Early, waxy salad, first class flavour
Cosmos – Organic, 2nd Early, large yields of big tubers, some blight resistance
Desiree – Organic, main, the world’s most popular red, vigorous, fairly waxy, strong flavour
Druid – Late main, pink skin, disease resistant, ideal for organic growing
Edzell Blue – Organic, 2nd early, blue skin, white flesh, very dry and tasty
Golden Wonder – Organic, late main, russet skin, good for frying, roasting and slug resistant
Isle of Jura – Organic, late main, oval white tubers, some blight resistance
Juliette – Early, salad or boil, excellent taste, good yield, good blight resistance
Lady Balfour – Organic, main crop, bred for organic growing, huge yields, disease resistant
Lady Christl – 2nd early, yellow skin, firm flesh, scab and eel worm resistant
Marfona – Organic, 2nd early, high yielding, waxy baker, large rubbers, stores well
Maris Bard – Organic, early, smooth skinned, good boiled, high yield, scab resistant
Maris Peer – Organic, 2nd early, white flesh, heavy yield, good boiled
Milva – Organic, main, high yield, good flavour, waxy, blight resistant
Nadine – 2nd early, white, high yield, disease resistant
Nicola – Organic, main, waxy, salad, boiling, with flavour, eel worm resistant
Orla – Organic, 1st Early, some light resistance, high yield
Pentland Javelin – Organic, 1st early, salad, good flavour, disease resistant, eel worm resistant
Pink Fir Apple – Organic, main, good taste, firm waxy, nutty, heritage variety, long and knobbly,
Pixie – 2nd early, red eyes, disease resistant, salad
Premiere – Organic, 1st early, disease resistant, good flavour, dry yellow flesh
Ratte – 2nd early, long, chestnut flavour, waxy, heritage variety, blight resistant
Red Duke of York – Organic 1st early, vigorous plant, wonderful flavour, dry
Red King Edward – Main, better than King Edward, all rounder,
Remarka – Organic, Main, cream skin, floury, blight resistant, large tubers,
Robinta – Organic, Early main, disease resistant, red skin
Rocket – 1st early, extra early new potatoes, waxy flesh, good size, yields and uniform
Romano – Organic, late main, slug resistance, bred from Desiree, less prone to scab
Roseval – Main, oval red, waxy, good flavour
Salad Blue – Organic, 2nd early, blue skin and flesh, not salad but mashes well and keeps colour
Sante – Organic, main, disease resistant, good for organic growing
Sarpo Mira – Organic, main, red skin, good blight resistance
Setanta – Organic, main, blight resistant, red, yellow flesh, great taste
Sharpe’s Express – Organic, early, heritage, white skin, good all round, resistant to scab
Shetland Black – Organic, 2nd early, floury, very tasty, heritage variety, inside ring of purple
Swift – Organic, 1st early, fast maturing, larger tubers than Rocket, ideal for containers
Ulster Prince – 1st early, white, good for boiling, scab resistant, drought resistant
Valor – Organic, Late main, disease resistant, mild flavour
Winston – 1st early, good yield, large tubers, excellent flavour, resistant to eel worm, exhibitor’s choice





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